Wider Perspective

When I engage in healing work that accesses non-ordinary states of consciousness (NOSC), such as Holotropic breathwork or sacred medicine ceremonies, I sometimes get to a place that feels challenging or scary. It could be that perhaps I'd rather not feel a particularly strong emotion that is bubbling (or roaring) up to be cleared - or to gift me with its presence. Alternately, the anxiety and resistance can show up as that edge between my everyday waking state and the NOSC that requires me to let go and trust as the river picks me up and begins moving me into the journey to unknown places. Or there are times when a state that feels so real and yet so foreign and removed from who I experience myself to be in my everyday life that I fear I might get lost there, like I might lose touch with “who I really am”. Or sometimes I will experience a distortion of time where something that seems to have taken forever to unfold turns out to have been mere seconds in “real time”.

Any of these experiences can be distressing, and even more so if they are not held properly.

In any of these cases I have found it helpful to know that someone is “holding down the fort” and is watching over me as I journey into new realms. It is especially helpful if they can remind me to relax and go deeper into the experience and even make it “bigger” in order to really make use of the healing potential that is available in these non-ordinary states. And in the times when it feels overwhelming I find it helpful to remind myself that this is a temporary state, that I *chose* to “travel” this way, that what I am experiencing is actually an illusion of sorts, and that I *will* eventually return unharmed to the self I remember - having benefitted tremendously from the experience.

With this frame of mind and level of support I can surrender into what is happening, marvel at it, stay curious about it, and be aware and grateful for the knowing that there are gifts coming as a result of my having the courage to take this journey.

What does this have to do with my health?

Recently, when I’ve gotten scared about what is happening in my body, when I have wondered if it will ever get better - or whether the shaking, balance and coordination issues will get progressively worse, I’ve repeatedly flashed on the lessons and parallels from my NOSC work (as well as my beliefs about who we truly are).

And here’s what rises in my awareness:

I feel in my bones the truth that this body, this life, this situation, this {whatever thing I am currently facing} is temporary. Eventually I will leave this body and return to the light from which I emerged. All my seeming troubles, health challenges, worries, and blahblahblah will fade and I will re-experience the truth of who I am. I’ll see how they were just an adventure - one of an endless variety of ways humans can live life. I’ll process the lessons my soul learned. I’ll be proud of my courage in agreeing to this adventure. I’ll be able to look back from that perspective and see that what felt like an extended and sometimes challenging experience during this life was really barely a blip in time. I’ll have a broader perspective on what it was like to have this experience, in this body, with these people who showed up to help along the way. I’ll see the grand adventure of it all. Maybe I’ll even revel in what a badass I was for going through it.

When I get to this place a deep peace washes over me, I remind myself to breathe, stay curious, go deeper, and trust - knowing that I am held in the arms of Love. All is well.

Whispered Secrets

At the end of the day, what I know for sure (but sometimes forget) is that we are radiant creatures who are loved beyond measure and we are each being guided every step of the way.

Stay open to the clues. They are everywhere.

Those urges and curiosities that grab you in the gut or flicker lightly through your heart, they aren't for nothing. They aren't taunting you with desires for what you cannot have.

They are whispered secrets from Life. Invitations from The One asking you to be a part of the creative process.

Say Yes.