Laughing at myself

I'm kinda laughing at myself in this moment.

I keep getting these deep urges to write, or create video, or shout from the rooftops about our inherent brilliance, our connection to everpresent magic, our internal guidance that has been warped by school and society and ridiculous expectations, and my wish for us to let go of the internal and external shackles that hold us back - so that we can soar.

I want to rant like a freaking evangelist! I want to shake you and wake you and make you see your Light.

And then I realize that'd be just more external programming. You don't need me to tell you anything.

But maybe a reminder would be helpful, you know...

And then I realize that I'm still shackled enough that shouting about brilliance and Divinity and breaking free and systems that fuck us up and....and...and...feels a little past my comfort zone.

But that's where the real stuff is, right!? Past the comfort zone...

You are a freaking incredible bundle of possibility and magic and sacredness and light and beauty and wackiness. You are here to do much more than we are led to believe is acceptable.

What you are here to do might be big and public and "world-changing". What you are here to do might be to live as an example of someone who does it *her* way - quietly and without fanfare.

There is no standard you have to live up to. You don't have to prove anything to anyone. It doesn't matter what grades you get.

Stop playing by their rules.

What matters is that you get to be YOU.