Dancing with illness

Dancing with illness is quite the journey.

While I am doing everything I feel guided to do to "get better", I am realizing that there is a value in the dance, in experiencing Life through this lens, in making space for navigating my unique journey with this unique challenge.

I've spent 6+ years trying to "get better", all the while resisting and pushing away this experience. Unconsciously telling myself that all sorts of things will happen "once I get better" - things like "loving myself" and "being worthy".

What a mind fuck!

Nope. Dropping that like a hot potato.

I'm finally getting an inkling of what it might look like to surrender and *be* with it. Not give up. Not resign myself. Rather to see it as a dance partner and be a part of the dance.

I'm still on the path to realizing the Truth of my physical perfection. I know it can all shift and change. It is happening even now.

And I am willing to be done chasing after it like some Holy Grail.

I *am* the Holy Grail. These challenges are the Holy Grail.

No need for anything to shift. And plenty of space for everything to shift...