You Are A Master

I had an experience today that surprised me and I wanted to share it with you.

During Kundalini yoga class we were asked to hold a posture for 8 minutes.

It wasn't a particularly difficult posture - we were seated on the floor, had one hand over our head and one in front of the heart, each in a certain mudra.

About 2 minutes in I began to feel tired and weak in my upper arm. I considered bringing that arm down to rest. I told myself it would be okay since I have some physical challenges and often need to make modifications.

But I kept going.

A few minutes later I was *really* ready to be done. I couldn't imagine holding the posture for another second. I knew there would be no shame in taking a tiny break.

Just then the teacher said to all of us "You are a master. Find that knowing inside you and keep going."

In that moment something clicked in. The tired, shaking, weak parts of my body were now filled with a strength and a knowing and a new power that was palpable - and I was able to continue for the entire length of the pose.

And even hours later I am changed from the experience.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Everything I offer is a reflection of my knowing that we contain all that we need inside ourselves. But for me that often translates to intuition, ideas, guidance - more mental and energetic processes.

This experience of embodying it all physically? It's pretty new to me.

But it is an experience I will keep coming back to. And I wanted to share it with you

You are a Master.

You are wiser, stronger, and more capable than you give yourself credit for.

I see your brilliance. 

I invite you to let go of your stories of smallness.

You are a Master.

And this doesn't have to translate into "I can do all the things right now!!" It doesn't mean strong arming yourself into doing something you know isn't in your highest good.

It might mean you have more strength to move through an illness than you previously believed to be true.

It might mean that you can trust yourself to follow through where you haven't before.

It might mean that you have the patience to surrender to Divine Timing, even when you're sure you cannot stand another second of ___________.

You are a Master.

I see your True Nature.