As we welcome in 2017 I am writing today to invite you to begin playing with saying "YES!" in your life.

Say yes to what you love. Say yes to what makes your heart soar. Say yes to what feels scary and impossible. Say yes to the unknown and undefined.

Speaking a true YES is a powerful act. When we commit fully The Divine meets us where we are and offers opportunities and support to help us move along the path.

“Maybe”, “If only”, and “We’ll see” don’t have the same level of devotion and power as simply making a choice and saying YES to what you are truly wanting.

Speaking the word “yes” from a place of an open and aligned heart is like speaking a Magic word. That’s why I am inviting you to sort through the jumble of possibilities and decide which one(s) to say YES to.

Here's an experiment for you:

Bring to mind something that you’ve been denying yourself or just not fully embracing. It might be something simple like a favorite food or as deep as forgiving yourself for a perceived fault. Make sure to choose something that you are truly desiring and really willing to give yourself in this moment.

Once you have that thing in mind, speak the word YES as you give yourself permission to allow yourself the pleasure of having it. Notice how your body and your energy react to saying YES from this place of alignment. What shifts with YES?

You might also try playing with these writing prompts and see what bubbles up:

I would love to say YES to…
The best YES I ever spoke was when…
I’ve been afraid to say YES to…
I haven’t mentioned yet that I *really* want to say YES to...