The Truth

I keep getting pinged to share this, so maybe someone else needs to read it.

I've had weird health crud going on for 6+ years. It's taken various forms, like a shapeshifter. It's meant that I haven't always been able to be a full partner in housework and making money - and it has been expensive to access the therapies that have been helping. And I've needed extra help with a lot of things.

This has sometimes led to my feeling a deep guilt and shame for what I have perceived as "being a burden" to my husband. This line of thinking can take me down in a split second. (Note: He has been my biggest cheerleader and a brilliant support to me.)

And the other day I had a very clear and potent download during a deep meditation. I suddenly *knew* a different truth. In that moment I KNEW in my bones that I was helping Michael on a very deep level, a spirit/soul level. I started laughing so hard I almost couldn't speak because this truth was so visceral and it changed EVERYTHING. I'm not a burden. I'm not taking more than I give. In TRUTH I am giving more than I can really understand.

So, I guess this is a reminder that we can view things from many vantage points and what seems like a burden from one point of view may actually be a great blessing when seen from another level.