Speak what needs to be spoken

One thing that is becoming crystal clear to me as the result of being back at work with incredible clients is the power and importance of speaking our truth - of letting what needs to be spoken flow from our lips, rather than swallowing the words in an attempt to keep the peace or stay small and safe or whatever reasons we use to justify bottling up our truth.

The potentials and possibilities that are unleashed when we make space for the unspoken truths to be spoken are undeniable.

I see it in my work every single time - a beautiful soul unburdens herself of the words and ideas that have been bubbling inside and suddenly she is lighter, she is inspired, she has a newfound clarity that can feed profound discoveries and forward motion.

Speaking your truth is powerful.

In this political climate, speaking truth is going to be required of each of us.

I encourage you to experiment with letting your voice be heard in whatever format and context makes sense. Heck, send me an email with the things you need to say if that feels right and good to you. Just find a way to speak your truth.

The world needs your voice.