Walking has been interesting lately. It doesn't always happen easily, mindlessly, or smoothly. It takes some conscious thought and can be clunky.

Dancing, on the other hand, when I give in to it, feels exhilarating and free and joyous. I realized this just today when I finally said YES to the call to dance that my Heart has been sending me for a very long time.

So, this evening as I was walking back to the car after shopping I was getting frustrated by the clunky and uncoordinated movements of my body, so I tried something new. I decided that instead of walking to the car, I was *dancing* to the car.

Muscles relaxed. Steps got easier. The ease and flow increased noticeably.

I probably didn't *look* like I was dancing on the outside, but my brain believed I was dancing and played along. It felt like a whole new me.

I wonder where else in my life I could dance instead of walking. Naming has quite a power...