Hello Magical One -

I see you.

If you are anything like me, you are feeling the call to something more.

A powerful call that won't be ignored. 

Something deeper is beckoning. The Magic is brewing. Synchronicities are winking at you. And you know it is time to follow the clues and discover where you are being led.

You almost can't wait another second.

In fact, you are aching to shine your light for all the world to see, but you know you have some work to do. Maybe you're not quite clear what direction Life is leading you. Or perhaps it feels like circumstances have dulled your brilliance a bit and pulled you off the trail for a moment or two, but you are ready to clear off the dust and grime and embody your radiant self once again.

I know the frustration and longing that can emerge when you are feeling the pull of something deeper and at the same time you feel unsure of how to bring the vision to life - or even how to catch a glimpse of that vision in the first place.

You really want to connect with the guidance you feel bubbling up from within you and begin to find a clear way forward.

I understand.

I get it. Holy wow, do I ever get it!

I've walked this path. I know this terrain. I completely trust that each of us has access to the guidance that will show us the way. And I have a gift for helping people uncover that deeper knowing. 

I'd love to walk beside you on a Magical Treasure Hunt.

Together we will look for the clues and messages from The Divine. We will operate under the assumption that Life is conspiring on your behalf and is showing you the way forward. We will bypass the gunk and doubt and get you consciously reconnected to the eternal, Magical, wise part of you that knows the way forward.

Along the way you'll delight in the signs and synchronicities, uncover new possibilities, and get a clear understanding of the next steps to take to bring your vision to life.

The Details:

The Magical Treasure Hunt is $1000 and includes one hour-long phone call per week for 8 weeks and access to our own secret Facebook group where we can share the clues and Magic that bubble up between calls.

A payment plan of $500 per month is available.

Looking for a one-time session instead? Click here.

What folks are saying about their Magical Treasure Hunt:

The work actually far exceeded my expectations. I assumed I’d come out of this the way I’ve come out of so much other “coaching” sorts of stuff — with the same old list of things to do and dreams to have and a veneer of determination. Instead I came out of this work completely changed — or really, made my self.

I have gained such clarity about what I really want and need from and in my life. I have gained such a profound clarity that I feel at peace, which is beyond remarkable. I had all the pieces necessary to have this sort of peace married to excitement in my life, but I was unable to put it together and see the big picture. You helped me to do that. I feel...somehow....more grown-up since our time together. Like some wisdom I’d been carrying around in my head finally sunk down into my heart and the rest of my body and now I can actually LIVE it.

Sheri is a midwife to your true self and all the wisdom that is already contained within that true self. She holds your hand and gently coaches you to breathe through it, allowing you all the time you need and helping you to trust your own capacity to do the work. I felt like working with Sheri was a rebirthing process. I feel more like myself than I have since I was very little. I feel like my original self. There is no greater gift. I have a peace of mind that I have not known since I was about 3 and eating cupcakes and humming. That’s what I feel like now — but with the added power of the wisdom I’ve gathered since then.
— Christine Reed
Sheri is my magical phone friend. She creates a space where my ideas, my dreams and my strengths are the focus. With gentle, openhearted guidance she helps me see and understand more of myself so I can embrace and share my full potential.

It was better than my expectations because I thought it was going to be about one small area of my life, but it opened up to be about much, much more. Our work together really took me to places I NEVER thought of and revealed things I didn’t know I even wanted or could think of wanting.
— Vanessa Saft

Ready to begin your journey with me?

Is a Magical Treasure Hunt calling your name? Hooray! I look forward to journeying with you.

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